About Wound Care

In homes where there are small children, safety is an important issue. Parents want to protect their children from all potential dangers and will most often take steps to make their home as safe an environment as possible. Unfortunately, despite one's best efforts, accidents may still happen.


Of the accidents that cause these injuries, half occur in the home. When they do, parents or guardians will need to be prepared to take the necessary action. Understanding basic first aid and how to apply it according to the injury and age of the child is critical and can save the life of their child.


Fix it with FOSKINA

FOSKINA is your First Aid Partner at Your Fingertips.

POWER TO CONTROL spectrum of bacterial skin infections

  • Highly effective bacterial action against aerobic gram-positive cocci, especially staphylococcus aureus

  • Significantly effective in impetigo, furuncles, carbuncles, cuts, wounds, and pyodermas, also for secondary lesions

  • Excellent peri-operative performance (decreases infection rates and enhances wound healing)

  • Burn wounds, particularly those infected with MRSA

POWER TO EXCEED other conventional topical antibiotics and even oral antibiotics

  • Significantly superior to sodium fusidate in impetigo management

  • Lower prevalence of resistance to staphylococcus compared to fusidic acid in general practice

POWER TO SAVE lives and costly complications

  • Cost-effective US-approved quality medicines for the management of primary and secondary bacterial skin infections

  • Recognized and certified by the University of Santo Tomas Center for Drug Research Evaluation and Studies (USTOCEDRES) within acceptable potency standards specifications

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