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Helping Your Child Cope with Pain

Pain is part of the roller coaster ride of parenthood. As parents, we’ve all been in situations where our child has hurt himself and has run to us for comfort and relief. The next series of actions that we take can either help with his pain management or make the situation even more unpleasant for everyone involved.

Here are a few things to keep in mind with dealing with your child’s pain stemming from minor injuries (cuts, scrapes etc.):

1. Do not panic.

Stay calm, cool and collected no matter the scene in front of you. If your child sees you in distress, he will mirror your feelings and this will cause a heightened sense of pain.

2. Demonstrate positive coping skills.

Reassure your child that the pain is temporary and that it will go away soon.

3. Encourage your child to do deep breathing exercises.

This is something you can do together. It will also help slow his heart rate down and keep the panic at bay.

4. Help your child distract themselves by keeping their focus elsewhere and not on the pain.

Say things like “look at me and squeeze my hand”, “hey, look at this”, or ask them questions not related to their situation, etc.

Of course when it comes to serious injury or chronic pain, a call to an emergency medical team or an immediate trip to the ER would be best.

For the most minor of ouchies though, sometimes, the best form of pain relief is a quick blow on their boo-boo and a kiss to take the pain away.


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