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Here’s What You Can Do If You’re Trapped And In Need Of Rescue During A Flood


In light of the recent bagyo, “Ompong”, and in order to prepare for the other typhoons reportedly heading our way, here are tips taken from the Marikina Public Information Office Facebook post about what to do if you find yourself (and your family) trapped during a flood.

· Create a sign asking for help using brightly colored cloth or object and place that on your window or any part of the house that can easily be seen outside by a rescuer. (Areas with high vantage points are ideal)

· If you hear a rescue boat nearby, immediately use a whistle to catch their attention.

· Relatives trapped in the same area should not use their cellphones all at the same time. Conserve your batteries.

· If you have a store of food where you are, make sure to keep some reserved for the next few hours while rescuers are still on their way.

Also remember to keep your emergency kit in a waterproof container with medicine sealed in waterproof packets. Be sure to use Foskina, an antibacterial topical ointment for any open cuts or scrapes in order to prevent leptosprisis.

Be patient and calm while waiting for help to arrive.


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