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This Youtube Video About Baby CPR May Just Save Your Baby’s Life

What do you do when you check on your sleeping baby and find out that your little one has stopped breathing? It is in this critical moment that knowing basic CPR will make the difference between saving your baby’s life and losing it.

CPR restores blood flow to the brain, heart, and other vital organs. Without oxygen-rich blood flowing to vital organs, permanent brain damage could occur after just four minutes and death could occur in four to six minutes. CPR also restores breathing until advanced life support can be given.

CPR is the most successful when it is performed as soon as possible. You should only perform CPR when there are no signs of life or an infant is unconscious, unresponsive, or not breathing normally.

Should you happen to find yourself in this situation, check out this video by St. John Ambulance (actual song starts at the 1 minute mark). It’s a quick and easy to remember rhyme about what to do when you’re baby has stopped breathing and you are waiting for help to arrive.

Remember that performing CPR on an infant or a child may require different techniques. The video is not a replacement for first aid and it is highly recommended that you and your family get hands on training.



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